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Lance Burton & Friends to host benefit show for Shriners

Posted by Webmaster (bryce) on Jul 27 2008
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“Lance Burton & Friends” will offer up some of Las Vegas’ most talented acts in a benefit show for The Shriners and tickets are only $25-$30-$35 at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 10 at the Monte Carlo’s Lance Burton Theatre.

Lance Burton will host and perform in the show at The Lance Burton Theatre. The Zelzah Shrine Temple has 900 volunteers and four employees.

The acts who are scheduled to perform are songstress Gabriela Versace, comedy magician Jeff Hobson, magician Jason Byrne, magician Jeff McBride, magician Stan Allen and comedy magician Fielding West.

The funds will go to the Transportation Fund so that the some 1,400 children who are clients of the Zelzah Shrine are able to receive treatment at out-of-state hospitals after being assessed at the local clinic. These medical conditions include bone problems, amputations, scoliosis, spinal deformities, cleft lip or palate, hips problems, burn scars, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and neuromuscular disorders. All of the treatments are free.

The Potentate Mike Barry said, “This is a 501c nonprofit organization and we mainly take the children in medical distress to the Shriners Hospital in LA. We have two vans and transportation is free. Every 90 days doctors from the LA hospital come to Las Vegas to check on the children.”

There will be a donation jar in the lobby for those who want to aid this worthy cause. It takes $2 million a day for Shrine International to run 22 hospitals.

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