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"Even among the abracadabra set, Lance Burton is the best. No magic show offers better pacing, more perfectly presented illusions and an experience that can still drive a child mad with wonder. Burton offers magic without irony or cynicism or any attempt to gussy it up for a new generation. Rather, he counts on the ability of his tricks to still amaze. And they do."
Las Vegas Weekly (cover story VEGAS' BEST 2009)

Lance Burton Young Magician's Showcase

Posted by Webmaster (bryce) on May 21 2001
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Lance Burton searched for the world's most talented young magicians and personally viewed over 200 videotapes submitted to him before choosing the ones he thought were the "best of the best" of today's young magicians.

Top from left: Ashford  Kneitel, Ashley Springer, Joshua  Jay, Eta-Lyn,Lance Burton, Joel Ward, Andrew Gladwin, Winston Helling Jr.
Middle From left: Brandon & Devin Rosen, Curtis & Julie Adams, Eric Redman, Helling's Assistant Gina.
Bottom from left: Jay Mattioli, Magique Dominque, Zac Salyer, Kristi Toguchi, Jason  Reberski and Spencer Horsman with dummy

"Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase" is scheduled to air during March on FOX Family at 6 pm on Saturday, March 17th.

Lance Burton said, "It culminated in a weeklong school for Harry Potter fans. The young magicians and their families spent a week at the Monte Carlo Resort and it was a dream come true and truly magical for the young wizards."

Some 15 magicians made the grade and were rewarded by gaining a guest spot on the show. The showcased their acts in the Lance Burton Theatre at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino where the television special was taped with their families in tow. The young magician's ages ranged from 7 thru 17 and included both boys and girls. Lance Burton was so impressed with not only the overwhelming response from up-and-coming magicians but also with their talent and showmanship. So he decided to host a one-hour television special featuring the young magicians naming it "Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase."

"Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase" is a G-rated one-hour television special aimed at the family hour for audiences of ages 1 to 100.

"Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase " is the first time in the history of television that young people have been given the opportunity to display their skill at one of the oldest art forms in the history of the world dating back some 5,000 years to ancient Egypt - MAGIC. The youngster's acts show a wide variety of showmanship and skills from the 50's rock'n'roll to mad scientist themes. There is even a ventriloquist and magician's assistants.

Each young magician was provided with whatever they needed to showcase their magic act for TV as if they were already stars. When you view "Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase" they will amaze you. Some of the young people are second and third generation magician's and it showed.

Lance Burton is the executive producer of "Lance Burton's Young Magician's Showcase", "Lance Burton's: Master Magician: On the Road" which will air at 6pm Saturday March 31st, and "Hocus Pocus, Its Fielding West" which airs in April.


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