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"Lance Burton's 'Master Magician' at the Monte Carlo is my choice for the best value in Las Vegas productions.  Burton's charm and sleight of hand make this a winner.  If you get a chance, catch this show next time you're in Vegas."
Gina Smith, San Francisco Chronicle

Muhammad Ali's daughter actress/author Rasheda attends Lance Burton show

Posted by Webmaster (bryce) on Feb 22 2009
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Lance Burton with Radesha AliRasheda Ali attended Lance Burton's show and met with him afterwards at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino on Thursday night. She said, "My father is from Louisville too. That's why you're so nice."  The actress and author wrote a book on Parkinson's disease. Her 67-year-old father suffers from the illness. She wrote the book "I'll Hold Your Hand so You Don't Fall: - a child's guide to Parkinson's disease. She vowed to return and see the "Master Magician" show again with her eight-year-old Nico and 10-year-old Biaggio. Lance is a fan of Muhammad Ali. She is currently starring in a Las Vegas-based cable show "In My Corner."

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