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"Lance Burton's 'Master Magician' at the Monte Carlo is my choice for the best value in Las Vegas productions.  Burton's charm and sleight of hand make this a winner.  If you get a chance, catch this show next time you're in Vegas."
Gina Smith, San Francisco Chronicle

Lance Burton becomes honorary member of Nevada's SPCA

Lance Burton announced on Thursday that he accepted an offer of becoming an honorary member of the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) in Las Vegas.

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Muhammad Ali standing ovation at Lance Burton's show

Lance Burton with Muhammad Ali and familyMuhammad Ali , his wife Lonnie and grandsons Biagio and Nico along with daughter Rasheda attended "Lance Burton: Master Magician" Saturday night. When fellow Louisville native Lance Burton announced that Ali was in the audience the entire audience of over 900 people leaped to their feet with a standing ovation that went on for minutes.

Rich Little attends Lance Burton show

Lance Burton with Rich Little and familyLongtime voice impressionist Rich Little attended the Lance Burton show with his family on Saturday night.  Coincidentally, Muhammad Ali was in the audience. Two greats in their field both at the same show at the same time... what are the odds of that?

Muhammad Ali's daughter actress/author Rasheda attends Lance Burton show

Rasheda Ali attended Lance Burton's show and met with him afterwards at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino on Thursday night. She said, "My father is from Louisville too. That's why you're so nice."  The actress and author wrote a book on Parkinson's disease. Her 67-year-old father suffers from the illness. She wrote the book "I'll Hold Your Hand so You Don't Fall: - a child's guide to Parkinson's disease. She vowed to return and see the "Master Magician" show again with her eight-year-old Nico and 10-year-old Biaggio. Lance is a fan of Muhammad Ali. She is currently starring in a Las Vegas-based cable show "In My Corner."

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Lance Burton appears on "The Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson learns a little hocus pocus as Lance Burton of the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino kicks off "Magic Week" on his late night talk show.

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Lance Burton and The Variety Club

Lance Burton and The Variety ClubDuring the final day of school for The Miller and Variety schools - Lance Burton organized a contingent of magicians and a singer to entertain in association with The Variety Club of Southern Nevada Tent #39.

Photo courtesy of Wayne Bernath

Lance Burton taps keg at Hofbrauhaus in honor of Oktoberfest

Lance Burton tapping the keg at Oktoberfest, 2008Master Magician Lance Burton was honored by tapping the keg at the Hofbrauhaus Sunday night (Oct. 5). This is the fifth year in a row he has tapped the keg at Las Vegas' landmark German restaurant the Hofbrauhaus. Next to the Christmas tree, Oktoberfest is the most popular German custom that Germany has ever exported to the rest of the world. The German (actually Bavarian) celebration of beer and good times has gradually caught on in many parts of the world. Today Oktoberfestst are commonplace. The motto here is, "Everyday is Oktoberfest," and the venue offers a truly classic Bavarian atmosphere.

Lance Burton & Friends raise $30,000 for Zelzah Shrine Temple

Lance Burton and Shriners, 2008On a recent Sunday evening "Lance Burton & Friends" put on a 90-minute show that included magic, comedy and singing which raised $30,00 for the Las Vegas chapter of The Shriners.

Lance Burton & Friends to host benefit show for Shriners

“Lance Burton & Friends” will offer up some of Las Vegas’ most talented acts in a benefit show for The Shriners at the Monte Carlo’s Lance Burton Theatre.

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Lance Burton does an illusion with Barbara Walters on "The View"

Lance Burton with Barbara Walters on The ViewTHE VIEW - The Monte Carlo's headlining Magician Lance Burton will perform some magic with Barbara Walters on "THE VIEW," FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2008 (10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., PT.) "The View" is broadcasting from Caesars Palace, JUNE 23-27 . "The View from Las Vegas" is sponsored by Walgreens. This is the first time, while on location, that "The View" will broadcast in HDTV. Lance Burton saws Barbara Walters in half during a taping of "The View" in front of Caesars in close to 100-degree weather on Wednesday. This episode will air at 10 a.m. on Friday on ABC. Lance Burton's girlfriend Gabriela Versace had a front row seat.  Photo by Steve Fenn of ABC.