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"I loved the show and Lance is great."
Nicholas Cage

Lili Claire Foundation has a magical night at Lance Burton's show

Lance Burton with Lili Claire FoundationFAMILY NIGHT OUT -- The Lili Claire Foundation's supporters took advantage of Lance Burton's Locals' Appreciation Weeks and came to see "Lance Burton: Master Magician" on Wednesday, Nov. 29th. After the 7 p.m. show was over Lance Burton greeted the families and signed autographs along with posing for photos with them. The Las Vegas chapter of the Lili Claire Foundation is at and takes on the causes of Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Autism and other neurological-genetic disorders. Lance Burton's 3rd annual Locals' Appreciation Weeks ends Saturday, Dec. 9th. Tickets for locals are $35 including taxes plus a $3 handling. The master magician has appeared at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino for over 10 years and was recently chosen by Nevada Magazine as "Entertainer of the Year for 2006."

Nevada Magazine's judges pick Lance Burton as "Best Entertainer"

Lance Burton voted Best EntertainerNevada Magazine organized a panel of judges for their First Annual Entertainer of the Year Award for 2006 and the winner is Master Magician Lance Burton who has headlined at the Monte Carlo Resort for over 10 years. The judges chosen by Nevada Magazine are Norm Clarke, gossip columnist for the Review-Journal; Jerry Fink, entertainment writer for The SUN; Ann Henderson, entertainment editor for Nevada Magazine; Robin Leach, entertainment critic and Mike Weatherford, entertainment columnist at the Review-Journal. From left, Jerry Fink, Ann Henderson, Lance Burton and  Bruce Bommarito, director for the Nevada Commisssion on Tourism. The official publication of Nevada begtan publishing in 1936 and reaches over 600,000 people.

Mayor Lance Burton taps keg for Octoberfest at Hofbrauhaus

Lance Burton tapping a keg at HofbrauhausLance Burton became mayor for a day in a tradition that goes back over 500 years in Germany. On October 1st the first keg is tapped by an official. Lance was joined by magicians Fielding West, Nathan Burton, Mac King, Bob Massey, Bill Smith, Norm Nielsen and Peter Reveen at the Hofbrauhaus.

Lance Burton to perform at 50th anniversary of "It's Magic"

Considered one of the most exciting events in the history of magic this magical spectacle will be taking place for the 50th anniversary of Milt Larsen and Terry Hill's "It's Magic 50th Anniversary Show" starring Lance Burton on Sunday, Sept. 17 at the Kodak Theatre in LA.

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Gabriella Versace joins Lance Burton after Shriners benefit

Lance Burton with Gabriella VersaceLance Burton and gal pal Gabriella Versace pose after a family friendly show at The Lance Burton Theatre to benefit the Zelzah Shrine Temple. This was the 10th Annual Benefit Show "Lance Burton & Friends." Besides the ticket receipts the donation jar contained another $650 to benefit the local Shriners so that they can continue helping Southern Nevada Children get treatment for medical problems.

Lance Burton holds 10th annual benefit show for Zelzah Shrine

Lance Burton accepts an honorary award from Zelzah ShrineLance Burton accepts an honorary award for putting on a benefit show for "Lance Burton & Friends" for the 10th consecutive year at The Lance Burton Theatre in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.   Zehzah Shrine Temple Potentate William Burger thanks Lance Burton after the matinee show. The other entertainers also received plaques as follows: Mike Michaels, Luna Shimada and Rory Johnston. They all celebrated in the theatre lobby with a cake. Another $650 in funds were raised.

The Scintas join "Lance Burton & Friends"

Lance will emcee the show “Lance Burton & Friends” to benefit the Zelzah Shrine Temple at Mesquite & Rancho in Las Vegas. All of the monies raised will be donated to the Zelzah Shrine Temple Fraternal Fund to maintain and run the building and to take care of the grounds. There are hundreds of children who are currently clients of The Shriners at the Zelzah Shrine Temple. The children receive medical care for free once evaluated and accepted.

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Lance Burton takes Molly Sims to new heights

The Monte Carlo Resort's magician Lance Burton helped Molly Sims show off her beautiful locks as the Marie Claire cover girl in the May issue currently on newsstands. He levitated her on the stage of The Lance Burton Theatre. The flawless looking starlet of NBC's "Las Vegas" and her prestidigitator were featured as the main two-page photo and repeated again at the end of the cover story entitled "Molly Sims Live from Las Vegas." Lance performed as a magician in "Las Vegas" and did some sleight-of-hand for the cast and crew while during the downtime. Molly said, "I believe in magic" but the picture says a thousand words.

Lance Burton gets ready for 10th Anniversary at Monte Carlo

June 21st, 2006 marks the 10th anniversary for Lance Burton's dream magic show at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino which is widely regarded by people coming from the four corners of the world as the best magic show that can be found bar none.

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"Turtle" to be featured on Discovery Dhannel in "Dirty Jobs"

Randy G. "Turtle" Williams is an early bird as one of the stage technicians in "Lance Burton: Master Magician" coming in at 4:30 p.m. to begin his duties of taking care of the doves, ducks, geese, a chicken and a parakeet.

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